Sunday, January 15, 2017

Week 75: A New Year!

Happy New Year! It's a new transfer and I'm staying in Bangkapi again! Wow, this is the second area that I've been in for a fourth transfer. Last year, I got to Surin in March and this year, I'll be leaving Bangkapi in February. That means I'll have been in two areas for almost an entire year! I'm glad that I get to stay here and serve in this area. I'm pretty close to some of the people here and I don't want to leave them yet. 

We had a miracle happen this week. Brother Geng finally got baptized! I want to say thank you to everyone who prayed for him. He's really come a long way. What a blessing it was to see him dressed in white and ready to make a covenant with our Father in Heaven. He's been investigating the church since September but regardless of how long he's taken, I know that he's changed and that he'll be blessed as he decides to follow the Lord. Out of his coworkers, he's the only Christian. Can you believe that? He's just so awesome. 

Speaking of yesterday, I lost Elder Miyagi. We were on a bus headed to a lesson with Brother Goh and I got off of the bus and noticed that he wasn't with me. I assumed that he was behind me and that he followed me off of it but nope! He stayed on! And I had the phone! Brother Goh met up with me and we got on bikes to look for him. Before too long, I get a phone call from Elder Tuttle telling me that Elder Miyagi was going to the church. Brother Goh and I go back to the church and wait for him and eventually he showed up in a taxi. What a relief. He used someone else's phone and called the phone number on an inviting card he had and it was Elder Tuttle's number. That's how I knew he was going to be at the church because Elder Tuttle called and told me. He fell asleep and went all the way to the end of the bus travel line. I can assure you all that this will never happen again so please don't worry, especially mom if you're reading this. Let's just say it was an experience I won't forget.

Elder Miyagi and I are teaching an investigator named Sister Uud. She was a referral from one of the members here in Bangkapi. Sister Uud is seriously so awesome. The last time we taught her, I noticed that she was getting emotional during the lesson so I asked her how she was feeling. She didn't say anything. The entire room was silent for a moment as she cried. It was a powerful moment in the lesson. When I asked her to be baptized, she agreed wholeheartedly. She wants to be baptized. I'm grateful I get to know this lady. She's so prepared and humble and ready to follow the Lord. 

Guys, I'm finishing my mission this year. I don't want to leave yet but when I do, I want it clear to my Father in Heaven that I love Him- that I truly love Him. I want God to know that I worked hard in building His kingdom here on earth. I know He lives and I hope you all have a great week and YEAR! 

Elder Rawlinson
 We found this waterfall the other day (I think it was in a buddhist area)
 We went to an Aquarium with the other missionaries and some members last P-day
 Brother Geng's baptism!
LA hunting

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