Sunday, September 11, 2016

Week 58: Serving in a Busy City!

What a week! I feel like I've been in this area for awhile now but really it's only been about 10 days or so. I don't know the city very well and it's just super busy here. But I love this area! The members are way nice and the church building is awesome. It's probably the nicest one out of all the areas that I've served in. My companion's still working hard with the language. He's been trying to work on tones and vocab but I know the language will just come over time as he continues to work on it. One of my favorite things about this area is that I get to ride taxis to places and even though I've fallen asleep more times than I can count in them, I've also been able to talk to a lot of the taxi drivers. I actually really enjoy conversations with them! They can be funny people and it's a great opportunity for me to share the gospel as well.

We had zone training this past week and it was good. I was able to see missionaries I knew. Elder Lindley was there (my old comp in Surin) and Elder Polu and others. We talked about SCRAM which is a new approach to missionary work that we've been working on here. It stands for service, contacting, retention (RCs), activation (LAs), and members. As we work in and with these different areas, we'll have opportunities to help others come unto Christ and hopefully others will get baptized! For service, we're going to try and do something at a hospital close by our house. I'll let you guys know how that goes in my email next week.

We had MIRACLES happen yesterday. We've been having a hard time getting new people to teach but yesterday was different. We taught two new people! One of them was a man named Samit (or Smith) that we invited at a mall here in Bangkapi and the other one was a teenager named Jaab that came to church with a couple other members! Brother Jaab lives in an area called Chantaburi which is over 3 hours away so we're going to teach him over Skype on Wednesday. He doesn't say too much to us but that's alright, he's still willing to learn. 

I really miss Surin but the Lord needs me here in Bangkapi now. I know that God lives and loves us. Jesus Chrsit is the Savior of the world. The church is true! 

Elder Rawlinson

I was trying to do a straight face haha
My companion, Elder Escher!

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