Sunday, October 16, 2016

Week 59: Building the Kingdom

Sawadii khap everyone! I've been getting used to Bangkok life now and I think busy streets and tons of people around are things I'm just gonna have to deal with. This past week's been interesting. Elder Smith and I  woke up Saturday morning feeling really sick. I tried to do studies in the morning, but it was pretty hard so I ended up sleeping for basically the rest of the morning and staying home for most of that day. It was rough. I'm feeling better now but I'm still a little sick and hopefully I don't slow down the work too much this upcoming week.

As for the area, here in Bangkapi, things are a lot more orderly than my last area which has been such a blessing. I loved Surin, but it's just different here. For one, we have a full bishopric in this ward and on top of that, there are a LOT of strong members as well with RMs and people that work for the church and member families etc. etc. I guess serving in my last couple of areas has made me more grateful for functioning wards!

Yesterday at church, I was able to meet a 10 year old girl named Sister Baam. She's friends with some of the members in the ward but she's not a member herself. Even though she's just a child, Elder Escher and I had the opportunity to teach her later that afternoon. She's met with missionaries before and she already had a Book of Mormon and she's read a lot of it as well! We ended up going over the Restoration lesson with her and afterwards, we talked about baptism. Since she's under 18, she has to have parent permission in order to get baptized. Her dad isn't really on board for her to get baptized right now but Elder Escher and I are going to meet with him this Tuesday and who knows, maybe he'll end up changing his mind and get baptized himself. I could tell Sister Baam showed a genuine interest in the gospel and in the church, especially for being 10 years old. I'm amazed at how much faith Sister Baam's already exercised and I know that this gospel will help bless her life as she grows up.

Other than Sister Baam, we're still working with our investigator named Brother Jaab. We've been teaching him over skype and line since he lives out of our area so things have been working out alright that way. He reads and he prays and he's pretty nice to us as well. He'll be baptized in a couple of weeks if he's ready.

I love this church so much and I'm grateful that I get to be a part of it. I love being able to help build the kingdom. I love you guys.

Elder Rawlinson

A view of some of Bangkok
Switch-off with Elder Tuttle. Sorry if it looks like I'm putting up the middle finger, I promise I wasn't.

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