Sunday, December 25, 2016

Week 70: Thanksgiving and Multi-Stake Conference

Sawadii Khap! I hope you guys all had a great Thanksgiving! We had a really nice Thanksgiving activity at the church this past Thursday and even though the food was kind of different, it was still a great event for members and missionaries to get together and eat dinner. I'm so grateful for this mission and for the opportunity that I have to be a missionary in Thailand. This country has made such a big impact on my life and I already know that when I'm on that flight back home next year, it'll be one of the hardest things of my life. Yesterday, we had a Mutli-Stake Conference in Asoke with Elder Wong who's one of the Seventy. The conference was held because Thailand received it's 4th stake! Woohoo! The church is growing here and it's amazing that I get to be a part of it. We need 8 stakes to get a temple so building the Lord's kingdom is crucial right now!!

Elder Miyagi's doing great. He invites like a boss and speaks Thai pretty well for a new missionary. What I like about Elder Miyagi is that he cares about this work and he talks with the Thai people in a kind and respectful way! I was just watching the new Christmas video that they have on and I saw an Asian guy that looked like Elder Miyagi. Believe it or not, it was him! My companion is in that video! It was funny since I'm sitting right by him and he's in this video on the church website. 

As for the work, we've been blessed with some great people. Brother G, one of our investigators, has a baptismal date next month. He's been investigating the church since September. He feels shaky on his ability to keep all the commandments after being baptized but we'll keep trying to help him out. I think he's afraid of messing up after getting baptized. Please pray for him so he can be baptized next month. He's a really good guy. We have another investigator that we're hoping to have get baptized next month. His name is Brother Gaw and he's one of Brother Art's friends. Brother Gaw is 17 years old. We've taught him quite a few times now and he's humble. He likes to be with the other kids in the neighborhood. He's a kid at heart.

I'd like to share my testimony with you guys. I know this church is true. Jesus Christ really is our Savior. He is the light of this world. Joy is living according to His teachings. I testify that He lives and that He knows us. Share His light with those you meet and don't forget to smile.

Elder Rawlinson
 My companion eating somtam for the first time (Thai papaya salad)
The Thanksgiving activity!
We found a random Western style center place it was so cool

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