Monday, March 7, 2016

Week 24: Sawadii Khap everyone! January 11, 2016

Sawadii Khap everyone! This week was a lot of work, but still way fun! In zone training, we learned that our mission will be making a few changes. We're no longer allowed to have transfer meetings. I don't know if you guys have ever seen any of the transfer videos we've had, but that will no longer be a thing. I think it's a good change. Transfer meetings can be a waste of time and money because we have to go all the way to Bangkok to find out where we're supposed move. It would be way easier to just find out over the phone and move from where we are to a new place without going to Bangkok. It's a little sad cause we won't be able to see everyone at transfer meetings anymore, but it's for the best.

We had a baptism on Saturday for our investigator, Sister W. Sister W is 19 years old. She's super nice and humble and just an all-around down to earth person. She first came to church because of English class. For some reason, she wanted to learn more about what we taught. Ever since then, we've been teaching her the lessons and preparing her to get baptized. Sister W is so awesome. I know I probably say this about everyone that we teach, but she really is so awesome. Her story is different than most people's. Her mom died when she was 5 years old and she doesn't know where her dad is. She didn't have a "family" to grow up with. This gospel has changed her life. It's given her hope. I've seen a change in her since I first met her and I know that it's because of the message of the Gospel. The ward here has really taken her in and she's friends with a lot of the members now. One day, I went up to her and I asked her if she was going to be at the church tomorrow. She answered and told me that she goes to the church everyday. What. Every missionaries' dream response right there haha. She bore her testimony at the baptismal program and even though it was simple, the Spirit was so strong. She knows the church is true and she has a testimony. I'm so grateful that I get to know Sister W. People like her is what makes this all worth it. 

Anyway, the work is moving along and things are going well. One of the members in the ward, Sister Tenggwaa (which literally translates to cucumber) got her mission call to serve in Hamilton, New Zealand. It reminded me of my call opening and all the excitement that was a part of it. I'm grateful for this mission and I love being a missionary. Christ lives and loves us all. I hope you all have a great week!

Elder Rawlinson

From the baptism 
And lunch from last Wednesday with Brother Gid, Sister Joy,  and our investigator, Sam (the guy wearing a white shirt and tie on the right side)

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