Sunday, June 26, 2016

Week 35: Elephants and Easter

SAWADII KHAP EVERYONE! Hope you all had a great Easter! It's been my second week in the Land of the Elephants and I love it here! We've been able to see some way cool miracles this past week and there's honestly no where else I'd rather be than here in Surin right now. Our investigator, Sister G, finally has a solid baptismal date for the 4th! She knows that the Gospel is true and now she's ready for the next step, which is baptism. But really though, she's been such an awesome investigator. She even gone with us and some of the RC's in the branch to visit an LA. I know she's going to be a solid member for sure.

There's four of us serving here in Surin. My district includes Elder Amonthep, Elder Gremillion, and Elder Neal. So anyway, on Wednesday, I was able to do a switch-off with Elder Gremillion. He was in the same group as me in the MTC and we came into the country at the same time. Wednesday we got A LOT done. He's a way hard worker so we went ham and invited a whole bunch of people. While we were inviting in front of a shopping center during our switch-off, I was able to talk to two people that agreed to come with us to the church that very same day. Their names were Sister Y and Sister B. We showed them some of the church and then taught them a little bit about our beliefs and about prayer. They both prayed during that lesson and on the following day, they came back to the church and Amonthep and I showed them a video called "Finding Faith in Christ". It was such a cool experience for me and I could feel the Spirit so strongly during that second lesson. Seeing them being introduced to the Savior and seeing them learn about Him was the most rewarding thing that I got to experience all week. Looking back at that lesson, I can't help but think that this is what it's all about. I'm here in Thailand to share the message of the Savior. Conversion centered on Jesus Christ is not only important, but crucial. So Sister B and Sister Y both came to our Easter activity that we had on Saturday and it was way fun. We had an Easter egg hunt and my companion thought it would be cool to wear a duck suit haha (he's crazy sometime). The members read scriptures of the Savior together and we ended the activity by watching a video of Him as well. The reason our Easter activity was so fun was because it was centered on the Savior. I know that it's because of Him that I'm able to find true happiness and peace in this life. Even in a country full of Buddhism, the message of the Savior will still come forth.  I've heard that even Buddha himself prophesied that someone greater than him would come to the earth with holes in his hands and holes in his feet. I hope you all have a great week! The more you think of Jesus Christ and the love He has for you, the more meaningful your week will be. 

Elder Rawlinson

Oh and elephants are the coolest animals ever

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