Sunday, June 26, 2016

Week 34: I'm in Surin now!!

Sorry I didn't write last week guys! There's been some changes since my last email. Transfers was on Monday and I thought for sure that I'd be staying in Nong Khai since I was only there for one transfer but nope! I'm now in an area called Surin which is close to my first area, Ubon! Surin is so different than Nong Khai! The area's known for having elephants which is way cool! Just the other day, there was some sort of activity going on in the city and they had a whole bunch of elephants that strolled through the streets (I'll attach a selfie at the bottom lol). We're actually going to go ride elephants for P-day today! Anyway, I'm now serving with Elder Amonthep! My new companion is a khonthai (a Thai person) from Bangkok and he's way awesome! He was a member for about a year before he became a missionary and he knows Surin pretty well. He seems pretty close with a lot of the members here which has been way helpful for me. And being companions with him has helped with my Thai even though he speaks a lot of slang haha. I learned a lot from being in Nong Khai and now I'm excited to see where the adventure continues!

We have one solid investigator right now. Her name is Sister G and she's pretty good friends with some of the members here in Surin. She's been taught everything already, but she doesn't want to get baptized just yet... which is alright! She'll get baptized when she feels more ready. Most of the time when Elder Amonthep and I go and teach people or invite, we have the same group of people come with us- Sister N, Sister J, and Brother T.  They're new members in the church about my age. Anyway, it's been cool getting to know them and this transfer should be a fun one! Surin has a lot of issues as well but I'm just gonna go with it and see what gets thrown ahead of me. Come what may and love it, right? Hope you guys all have a great week! 

Elder Rawlinson

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