Sunday, November 27, 2016

Week 66: A Great Week in Bangkapi!

Sawadii Khap! This week was so good! Bangkapi is a great place. This
past week was kind of a blur but still awesome. On Tuesdays, we teach
a free English class at the church and we've been having a good amount
of people show up lately. Last Tuesday, we split the class so now we
have two classes. We have a beginners and an intermediate class.
Luckily we have a lot of missionaries in Bangkapi so we have enough
teachers to go around. We'll have a spiritual thought for the students
at the end of class (last Tuesday we just combined everyone) and it's
a great way to spread the gospel. The other week, the students sang
"Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam" and it was so great! Even the adults
were getting into it haha. Almost a quarter of the mission's baptisms
come from English class!

The wall behind the church is still getting renovated so it was a
great opportunity to do some service! One of the days this past week
we went in the back and put some of the pieces from the old wall in
bags to be taken away. Elder Escher and I had a couple of the members
help as well! The members were Brother B and Brother Donut. Brother
B is an LA we've been working with that struggles with smoking but
he knows he needs to stop. If he stopped smoking and truly repented,
he'd have a greater desire to come to church on Sundays. Brother Donut
is so funny. First of all, his nickname is Donut so there's that haha
he's such a good kid.

BAPTISM!!! On Friday, our investigator Brother P got baptized! I
don't think I've talked about him that much in my emails but he's 23
years old and he works at Yogurtland. We've been teaching him for
about the past two months now. Wow. It has been such a journey getting
him to this point. He wouldn't show up to a lot of our appointments
and his work kept him pretty busy. But we found out where he lived and
we'd also teach him during his break at work hahaha. He has faith and
he has a testimony and I know that the Lord loves him!

Personally, I feel like it's easy for me to turn into a "robot" when
it comes to missionary work but really though, I want to be the
complete opposite! I read a talk this week by Dieter F. Ucthdorf
called "on Being Genuine". If you guys have time, please read it. I
know that as we follow the Savior's example of love for others, our
service will be so much more fulfilling. We should be serving others
because we love God and His children. Hope you guys have a great week
and a Happy Halloween!

Elder Rawlinson

Helping out at the back of the church! Elder Escher and Brother Donut haha
Brother P on the day he got baptized!
Brother P with a great member named Sister Aimee!

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