Sunday, August 7, 2016

Week 52: New missionaries in Surin!

Alright, so I hope you guys all had a solid week. Elder Torres and I have been teaching like crazy and I've noticed that the time has been going by faster and faster. Next Sunday will already be the third Sunday of the transfer! So things have been changing here. Surin just got senior missionaries and they're way awesome! They're names are Elder and Sister Larsen. They're actually not really "seniors" since they're both about 50 or so but they're from Queen Creek and I actually knew their daughter, Shelly. She went to Gilbert High for a time and we were both in the same seminary class. They've only been here for a few days and they've already been a huge blessing to the area. I love knowing that it's the six of us missionaries in this area now instead of just the four.

So my companion dyed his hair! I don't really know why he did it but it was seriously so funny and it made our week a lot more interesting. The blonde color he wanted didn't come out right and he's half Mexican half Thai so just picture that for a second. It came out as a really yellowish golden color. Elder Torres was also called Sister Torres a couple times this week. He ended up dying it a second time to get the color to not stand out as much because he felt like the color was against the mission rules. It's still blonde, just not as bad as it was the first time he dyed it.

Right now, are best investigators are Sister S and Sister Na. We're still teaching Sister S and she's been completely willing to keep all the commandments we've introduced to her. She has a lot of faith. Since she's 84 and she can't remember or grasp things as well as others, she's taught me a thing or two about patience haha. I'm so grateful that I get to know and teach her. Last week, I mentioned a new investigator named Sister Na. Sister Na's 23 and she works with one of the members at a hair salon. She's been progressing SO much in the past week and we're hoping she can get baptized on the 31st. She wants to be a better person and learn more about the gospel. The Lord's been preparing her to accept the gospel and so far, she's been doing just that. I'm looking forward to seeing her progress more in the gospel. I love serving as a missionary! it's been the hardest thing I've ever done but the most rewarding as well. I hope you guys are all having a fun summer! When you sweat during the day, just remember that I've been doing that basically everyday since I got to Thailand! Have a great week!
 Elder Rawlinson

Last P-day, we went to Buriram and got to see the soccer stadium they have there
Hahahahahah Elder Torres

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