Sunday, August 28, 2016

Week 56: My Trainer Came back to Thailand!

Hello family and friends! This week went by fast as usual! First of all, my trainer, the one and only Elder Anderson, came back to Thailand with his family and I got to see him here in Surin. We had lunch on Saturday at a member's place. Meeting up and seeing Anderson and some of the Ubon members that came with him made me miss the old days when I served in Ubon. It's crazy to think how much things have changed since serving there but I know I'll go back to visit in the future!

Elder Torres, my companion who's been having back problems, found out that he'll be going back to the States to get the medical attention that he needs. I don't know that much about back issues but it sounds like it's pretty serious. He's also taking medicine that makes him pretty tried so he's out of it a lot. It's too bad that he'll have to go home, but he'll have better medical attention to get it all figured out there. He plans on coming back out in the future. Please keep him in your prayers! As for myself, I've still been trying to work even though Elder Torres has been having medical problems. He can still do things but it's different. We've been doing a lot of switch-offs this transfer which has been good. I just don't like staying home for too long because it can get boring and I'd rather be out doing things and working. The new transfer starts on Thursday so it'll be interesting to find out what'll change in Surin. 

So in my last email, I said that Brother Gaan had a baptismal date for the 21st. He didn't get baptized on that date, but it's okay! The baptism will be on Wednesday! I'm so proud of him and so glad that he's been progressing in the gospel. I've been able to teach him a lot this week and he's been awesome. I feel like he's one of the reasons I was sent to this area. He's a good friend and he has an open heart when it comes to the gospel. If I leave Surin on Wednesday, then leaving this place with him getting baptized will be so great.

I don't know where I'll be next week but wherever I am, I know I'll still be serving the Lord and His children and that's what really matters. A mission is like a roller coaster. It's mentally and emotionally exhausting! When you care about something, you put your heart into it and sometimes when things don't go the way you think they will, it hurts. Other times, you get see the miracles and blessing of others coming into the gospel and makes it ALL WORTH IT. Every bit of it. I know the Lord loves us and cares about us. The church is true! 

Elder Rawlinson

We went and taught the kids this past week. Brother M was supposed to be a speaker on Sunday but he wouldn't do it. He cried Sunday morning before Sacrament meeting!

Elder Anderson and one of the members from Ubon, Brother Gid.

I was able to do a switch-off with Elder Wannasri on Sunday. He's way awesome

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