Sunday, August 14, 2016

Week 54: Floods, 'Bed Rest" and a Member Named Spider?

Hello family and friends! This past week's been a lot different than the usual. I'll start with the craziness. On Saturday evening, it started to rain here in Surin and it was insaaaane. The rain poured hard and it flooded one of the major streets here. The water even went close up to my knees at a point. I was just looking back at one of the pictures from the flood and I thought to myself "this street looks like a river". I think it's safe to say that we're for sure in the rainy season now. Was the flood pretty fun though? Yes, definitely. 
On another note, Elder Torres has been having some back problems so he was told to take some bed rest. He had a lifting injury at a gym before his mission and his back's been bothering him a lot lately. I feel pretty bad for him since he seems to be in a lot of pain at times, but hopefully he'll start getting a lot better soon. If not, I'm just gonna make him fight through the pain and keep working like normal anyway. Just kidding... kind of.

My favorite miracle of the week: Before church began this Sunday, I was sitting at the piano facing the congregation and I noticed someone that came to Sacrament Meeting who wasn't a member. This girl came last week as well and I don't think any of the missionaries really talked to her yet. I saw her and I thought to myself "I'm gonna go up to this girl and see if we can start teaching her". So I did. She told me her name was Maegmum - meaning spider. Sure enough after church, Elder Torres, Elder Larsen, and I had an opportunity to sit down and teach her. She told us that she knew one of the members here that moved to Bangkok. At the end of our lesson, she committed to pray. The next appointment with her will be this Tuesday. This whole experience with Sister Spider has been my favorite miracle of the week. She was literally just sitting there in Sacrament so I decided to talk to her and I'm glad I did because I now realize that she's been prepared by the Lord to accept the gospel. Woah! Sometimes I don't realize miracles that happen all around me until I stop and try to look for them. And I usually find something every time. As we follow the Spirit to do good, we will be blessed and it will be for the good! I love you guys!

Elder Rawlinson

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