Sunday, October 16, 2016

Week 62: This is the Lord's Work!

Hi family and friends! Well the transfer is coming to an end soon and we find out who moves probably tomorrow. This was a good transfer for me because I felt like I learned a lot of important lessons. Before my mission, I didn't really know what my mission was going to be like. I was excited to go to Thailand when I had my call but I never would've guessed my mission to have been what it has. Serving here in Thailand has been one of the biggest blessings in my life.

Brother Art was baptized yesterday! Woohoo! I wrote about how we found him before but just for a recap, we found Brother Art one day while he was outside in an apartment area. When we were inviting that day we didn't know where we'd end up but we eventually saw him and had the Restoration lesson. Brother Art is probably one of the most prepared persons I have ever met. He was already a Christian so he had a good background about Jesus. He's had such an open heart with the things we've taught him and he knows that our church has been restored. He just got a job at the 7-11 close by so sometimes I see him there haha. I know that I was an instrument for the Lord in helping Brother Art get baptized in the true church. This is the Lord's work and sometimes it's just so obvious that I can't deny it. 

I wanted to share another cool experience from this past week. Elder Escher and I have been working with a new member named Sister J. She's in her forties and lives on her own. She loves the Bible but she doesn't know that the Book of Mormon is true. She has problems with it. We've been meeting with her about once a week and lately we've been teaching other things since teaching about the Book of Mormon isn't always helpful (she might fight against what we say about it or something). This past week, we had a really powerful lesson with her. In the lesson, I got on the topic of temples and she made it clear that she didn't have a testimony of them. During our lesson, I showed her a video about temples. She came across that video before but didn't watch it all. She told me that like two days before, she saved a picture of the temple on her phone. I think she might have thought it was pretty or something. She feels like Heavenly Father is working with her kind of like a fishing line being reeled in being cast out and being reeled in type of thing. I know it wasn't a coincidence that I brought up temples that day. Near the end of the lesson, her eyes were getting watery and the Spirit was very strong. I asked her something like if she was going to open her heart now and accept what we teach and she said yes. It was so awesome! I know that Heavenly Father loves Sister J. I know it. I know that I am just an instrument in the hands of the Lord to do His work. I had no idea the lesson would turn out that way it did but I'm glad it did because I know it made in impact on Sister J. 

I'd like to finish by bearing my testimony. I know that this church is true. I know God lives and loves us. He loves the Thai people, all of them. He sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to die for our sins. I know this work is real. 

Elder Rawlinson
 Haha had to get a pic with this dude
The one by Escher is Brother Art!

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