Sunday, October 16, 2016

Week 63: A New Transfer in Bangkapi!

Hey everyone! It's been another week in ประเทศไทย. There's been some changes since we just had transfers on Thursday. I'm staying here in Bangkapi for another transfer with Elder Escher! It wasn't a surprise since I haven't been here for that long but this transfer, we're adding in a new companionship of elders. Both of them are living in our house for now so it's really packed with all six elders in a small townhouse haha. They're looking for a new place to stay, but their house will be further away from us in a different part of the area.

On Saturday night, our water basically went out so we couldn't take showers or use the sink (keep in mind how we have six elders living together right now). Usually when something like this happens, its because the water bill wasn't paid for and so the water gets shut off. We thought this was the case but on the following morning, one of the elders flipped one of the switches by the front door.... and believe it or not, the water was back to normal again! I didn't even think that that was the problem and I thought we had to pay the water bill before we could get our water back to normal but seriously? We suffered through that just cause the switch wasn't on? 

I was able to watch General Conference this past weekend. I loved having the opportunity to sustain Thomas S. Monson as a prophet. I know he is called of God. One of my favorite talks from conference was by Elder Kazuhiko Yamashita. He talked about being ambitious for Christ. He shared an experience of a missionary who was having problems with his leg situation and he asked this elder "Elder Cowan, you were called to the Japan Nagoya Mission, where you would have to ride a bike. Did you tell this to your stake president?" The elder said "No, I didn’t. I determined that if that is where the Lord called me, I would go to the gym and train my body to be able to ride a bike." That to me is being ambitious for Christ. We don't have to have the same experience as this elder in order to do so, but we can still choose to be ambitious for Christ in our own lives through love and service and obedience. I know this church is true. I know that God and his Son, Jesus Christ live and love us. 

Elder Rawlinson
 So in Thailand there's restaurants where you can pick out raw meat and then cook it at the table!
 My comp getting a rotti for the first time. It's basically fried dough with sugar and condensed milk on it. It's sooooo good.

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